Web Based Logic Controller 21.5" Display, 3 Ethernet, 1 HDMI video output, IO-Link Master, 1 ProfiNET Slave, Audio Line IN/OUT support for Radio Interface, 120Vac powered with PoE 802.3 at backup

uP5000 Logic Controllers:
  • Integrates human operator processes with factory tools and systems
  • Typical uses include Automated testing, operator instruction, process verification, ANDON systems
  • Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, FL-net, TCP/IP, Profibus and others
  • Remote monitoring, debugging and management using a Chrome ™ browser
  • PC-based simulation environment
  • ARCX Hydra architecture
  • EtherNET/IP Client&Server, CIP, FLnet, WEBsockets, TCP/IP, ProfiNet, DeviceNET, CC-Link ProfiNET, ModBus, OPC UA Client, IO-Link Master



  • CPU: 4-core ARM Cortex A9 (iMX6 quad) 1GHz max, 400MHz standby
  • MEMORY: 2, 4Gbyte DDR3 1066, 16Mbyte NOR, 8, 64Gbyte eMMC
  • NVRAM: 8-32Gbyte eMMC

User Interface:

  • LCD: 21.5, Active TFT LCD (LED) 1920x1080 16 bpp, 225nits, C/R 1000:1
  • Touch Panel: 10 Touch Projected Capacitive Touch
  • Optional video out: 1080p60Hz
  • Audio Out: STEREO Sub Miniature Jack (and via HDMI)
  • Audio In: STEREO Sub Miniature Jack
  • Internal Stacklight: Full perimeter multi-color LEDs (300 individually selectable)
  • Optional HID Reader: Integrated 125KHz/13.5MHz RFID Reader for Weigand Badges

Communication Protocol:

  • Ethernet 1: 10/100 with PoE 802.3at
  • Ethernet 2: 10/100 (switched shared with ETH 1)
  • Ethernet 3: 10/100/1000 (independent)
  • Optional MDC 5 pin supports IO-LINK or CANbus/DeviceNET
  • Fieldbus Protocols: EtherNet/IP Ethernet/IP, ProfiNET Slave, FLNet, MODBUS
  • USB 2.0 Host: 2 ports

Network Protocol:

  • EtherNET/IP Client/Server/CIP, WEBsockets, TCP/IP, DeviceNET
  • OPC UA Nano profile, OPC UA Client
  • [protocol packs purchased separately]