Automation Controller with integrated color-touch panel HMI, with FLNet, DeviceNET*, EtherNET/IP*, HID, integrated stack light, (4) Dsub-9pin serial ports, and Terminal Block I/O: (2) 12-pin, (1) 6-pin isolated. (WAT Version)

This family of devices
  • Integrates human operator processes with factory tools and systems
  • Automated testing, operator instruction, process verification
  • Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, FL-net, TCP/IP, Profibus and others
  • Remote monitoring, debugging and management using a Chrome ™ browser
  • PC-based simulation environment
  • ARCX Hydra architecture
  • EtherNET/IP Client&Server***, CIP***, FLnet, WEBsockets, TCP/IP, ProfiNet***, DeviceNET***, CC-Link ProfiBus***, ModBus***, OPC UA Nano profile, OPC UA Client



  • 4-core ARM Cortex A9 (iMX6 quad) 1GHz max, 400MHz standby

User Interface

  • LCD 800x480 @ 16 bpp, 320nites, C/R 240
  • Touch Panel: 4-wire resistive
  • Optional video out: 1080p60Hz
  • Audio out: stereo via HDMI
  • Internal Stacklight: 5 high brightness LEDs vertically alligned
  • HID Reader: Integrated 125KHz RFID Reader for Weignand badges


  • RS-232 Ports: 3 x 9pin DSUB 115K Baud max
  • PoE 802.3at
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • Ethernet 100Mb FLNET
  • CANbus/DeviceNET: 5 PIN terminal block
  • Fieldbus Protocols: EtherNet/IP
  • USB 2.0 Host: 1
  • USB 2.0 OTG: 1


  • 2-4GB DDR3-1066, 16MB NOR, 8-64GB eMMC


  • 4 x 24V Inputs NPN/PNP
  • 2 ** Analog Inputs (0-10V)
  • 2 Analog Outputs (0-10V)
  • 2 x Optically Isolated Inputs
  • 2 x Form C Relay Outputs, 1 Form A
  • Ext. Stacklight Connection: 5-pin mini change (8-pin optional)

Network (protocol packs purchased separately)

  • EtherNET/IP Client/Server/CIP, FLnet, WEBsockets, TCP/IP, DeviceNET
  • OPC UA Nano profile, OPC UA Client, CC-Link, ProfiBus, ModBus